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What Will Occur If You Leave Your Fractured Tooth Untreated?

If your smile matters to you, it’s necessary to have some basic information about common threats that can make your smile less attractive. There is an expansive range of oral wellness issues that an individual can experience, and some of them happen unexpectedly. Without having needed preparation, such conditions can become disasters and cause serious complications. One of the most prevalent problems many experience, especially during a physical sport or accident, is a fractured tooth. The severity of this problem can be different for each person, but the key is to address the tooth as soon as you can.

Here at Walk In Dental Clinic, our skillful dentists can guide you through this condition and preserve your smile in the most straightforward and smooth way possible. Unfortunately, many avoid visiting a dentist and consider such situations not as serious as they really are. You have to understand what consequences can happen if you ignore your chipped tooth and don’t treat it at the right time. Although we offer broken tooth services, we may be unable to restore your smile if you visit us too late for the treatment. Keep reading this blog to realize what complications can occur if you leave that tooth untreated.

Gum Swelling: 

A fractured tooth lets bacteria in, and the surrounding gums and soft tissues will all be damaged. If you feel your gums are significantly swollen and tender, you have to visit a specialist to receive proper dental care and prevent the infection from spreading. If left overlooked, it can even cause tooth abscess, which is a very serious oral health condition. Fortunately, our dentists offer the best dental abscess services to save your smile and restore your dental wellness.

Severe Ache: 

The earliest sign of a broken tooth is toothache and sensitivity. The pain is bearable when the tooth chip is minor, but you can’t tolerate it when your tooth is severely fractured. If you keep overlooking it, the pain becomes more and more tense, and you have to visit our experienced emergency dentist in Toronto to eliminate it in the most effective approach possible.

Developed Infection: 

A chipped tooth exposes the inner and sensitive layers of your tooth, including blood vessels and nerves. When the harmful bacteria reach these areas, they can cause serious levels of oral infection to spread all over your body. In such cases, it’s better to visit our skillful North York Endodontists to receive the best dental care services based on your requirements.

Costly Procedures: 

The later you visit a professional, the more expensive treatments you need to restore your healthy smile. Our dentists might recommend costly options such as our Toronto root canal process as the only option to preserve the damaged tooth.

Tooth Loss: 

The ultimate outcome for ones who ignore a fractured tooth is extracting it. In some cases, the tooth is too much broken and damaged to be saved and the dentist has no other choice but to remove it. Afterward, you can visit our implant dentists in North York to replace it.

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