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Top-Rated Oral Surgeons in North York 

At Walk In Dental Clinic, we offer top-quality services pertaining to oral surgery in North York with the help of a professional group of oral surgeons. Whether diagnosis, routine dental checkups, or complex surgical procedures, we perform a variety of North York oral surgery services most professionally.
We aim to offer the best surgical care possible in a compassionate and well-equipped environment. Contact us immediately to see our North York oral surgeon if you want to take a significant step to take care of your oral health.

World-Class Oral Surgery Services in North York

Walk In Dental Clinic proudly works with a professional team ready to provide the best service to our community. Our dentists and oral surgeons serving North York and the surrounding area meet your dental needs in the best possible way.
They perform oral surgery to correct your skeletal and dental irregularities. Moreover, they are trained in assisting with sedation and anesthesia. We accept all insurance plans if you need oral surgery within North York. It should be noted that the car parking for our dear patients at Walk In Dental Clinic is available and free. Call us right now.

Cost of Oral Surgery in North York

Oral surgeries come in a variety of forms and prices. That’s why determining the exact cost of oral surgery in North York depends on factors like the type, the complexity and the required equipment and material. The cost of tooth extraction falls between $170 And $550. The surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth will cost more. The cost of dental implants ranges from $2800 to $3900 (the required dental crown is also included). We proudly offer the most reasonable prices for oral surgery throughout North York and try to keep it affordable for everyone. You can always contact Walk In Dental Clinic, and our caring staff will inform you about the type and cost of oral surgery in North York. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Surgery

Regardless of its type, oral surgery may seem overwhelming to many patients and bring a lot of questions to their minds. Here our North York oral surgeon answers some of the frequently asked questions about surgical procedures and the recovery after them:

Do I need to visit an oral surgeon, or a general dentist can perform the oral surgery for me?

A general dentist may be capable of performing some of the less complicated oral surgeries, such as a typical tooth extraction. However, it is always wise to get help from a professional oral surgeon such as those serving at Walk In Dental Clinic for more complex surgical procedures. Our oral surgeons in North York specialize in a full range of oral surgeries and ensure that you will require the shortest recovery time after your treatment. Free consultation is also available.

Is a dentistry surgical procedure painful?

Patients typically get stressed after hearing the name of oral surgery as they think they will undergo an intolerably painful dental procedure. However, you feel no pain during your oral surgical process because your oral surgeon applies local anesthesia to numb your oral tissue. You may just experience slight pain and swelling after oral surgery, and it is normal. Our North York oral surgeon may instruct you on using a cold compress or prescribe painkillers to deal with your pain and swelling. Do not hesitate to visit your oral surgeon in case of excessive bleeding and continuous severe dental pain. 

What are the most common types of oral surgery?

 Wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants and root canal therapy are among the most common oral surgeries offered in our North York dental clinic. But we provide other oral surgical procedures for our patients with no downsides and complications. Contact for a free consultation. 

What Is Oral Surgery Like?

Like most surgeries, local or general anesthesia is used for the oral surgery process. Therefore, the patient will be relaxed during the oral surgery procedure. Then the oral surgeon cuts into or removes tissues from the mouth. Our oral surgery services in North York cover a wide range of restorative dentistry procedures, dental implants, endodontics, and cosmetic surgical treatments. 

When Do You Need Oral Surgery?

You may wonder when the right time is to visit our North York oral surgeons at Walk In Dental Clinic? Oral surgery is required when your impacted tooth needs to be extracted, or your jawbone or gum tissues should be reconstructed. Therefore, whenever you are faced with a dental health issue that requires oral surgery, we are here to help. 

Oral surgery procedure in our North York Dental Clinic

How Do Oral Surgeons Preserve Your Oral Health?

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure on oral tissue and jawbone performed by a certified oral surgeon. These exceptional treatments may be required for cosmetic purposes or correcting problems and disorders in your mouth and jawbone. Our North York oral surgeon explains that oral surgeries can be the best solution to life-threatening gum disease. Moreover, bone grafting is another common type of oral surgery that is highly recommended to those who don’t have strong jawbones to get dental implants.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Oral Surgery Services?

All surgical treatments, including oral surgery, may accompany some minor risks and complications that should be considered before the beginning of your treatment. Below we have listed some of these risks with the help of our North York oral surgeon.

Common Risks of Oral Surgery

Infection: You are less prone to experience infection after your treatment if you find a highly-dedicated & experienced oral surgeon to provide the procedure. Bear in mind to seek emergency dental care if you notice abnormal swelling or pus around the surgical sites. Additionally, some cases may experience fever or even a bad taste in their mouth.

Jaw Fracture: This painful condition may occur during wisdom tooth removal. Patients with thin and weak jaw bones are more susceptible to experiencing jaw fractures during their required oral surgery.

Walk In Dental Clinic can be the right place for those who aim to visit an experienced oral surgeon in North York. You can get the best-quality oral surgeries in North York and the neighborhood in our clinic. 


Different Types of Oral Surgery

Our oral tissue is prone to a wide variety of diseases and conditions as it is a good place for bacteria growth. Some of these conditions and diseases may require oral surgery to be treated. Here are some types of oral surgery we offer in our North York Walk In Dental Clinic:

Wisdom teeth removal

Dental implants

Jaw surgery

Gum graft

Reconstructive surgery

Impacted tooth removal

Trigeminal nerve repair

Snoring apnea surgery

Facial injury repair

Facial infections


Different types of North York oral surgery services are available at Walk Dental Clinic at affordable prices. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Recovery after Oral Surgery

After oral surgery in our North York dental office, you have to take good care of yourself to ensure a quick recovery. The required time for recovery after oral surgery can range from 48 hours to 1 month, depending on the type of surgery you have undergone. You should follow the instructions provided by our oral surgeon in North York to face no dental emergency after your surgery. There are various simple ways to ease your pain, avoid infection, and speed up the recovery time after oral surgery.

Types of oral surgery
Oral surgery North York


  •  Follow our North York oral surgeon’s instructions. For example, he may recommend you not brush your teeth and use mouthwash because your mouth is too sensitive for regular oral hygiene. You can rinse your mouth with saltwater.
  •  Do not smoke or drink alcohol because they slow the healing process.
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling or bruises. If it gets worse, you notice pus, and you have a fever, your oral tissue may be infected. In this case, contact Walk In Dental Clinic right away.
  • Bite on folded gauze to control bleeding. Bleeding for the first day after the oral surgery is normal. Contact our North York oral surgeon if it continues for more than 24 hours or you are suffering from excessive bleeding.

Consider what you eat. Try to eat cool and soft foods after oral surgery. Please avoid consuming too cold, hot, spicy, tough, and chewy foods. Do not use a straw for drinking.

Do not forget post-surgery follow-up appointments with our oral surgeon is essential to ensure you are healing well. Follow all his instructions to avoid any side effects and complications.

Major Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries may be minor or major. Minor oral surgeries are more common and routine. They are performed easily and do not take a long time; however, major oral surgeries are more complex and sensitive.

Oral surgery in Toronto

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