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Free Dental Services for Refugees in North York

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Free Dental Clinic for Refugees in North York

The oral health of refugees has recently become a significant concern in Canada since the refugee population is exceptionally vulnerable to dental issues. Among newly arrived refugees in Toronto, oral diseases and abnormalities are the most common health problems. Walk-In Dental Clinic is honored to offer free dental services for refugees in North York, Toronto. With a comprehensive schedule and extended office hours seven days a week, our dental specialists are ready to dispense a full range of dental services to refugees for free.

Refugees resettled in Toronto and the surrounding area can refer to Walk-in Dental Clinic for general, cosmetic, and emergency dental care with no worries. Dental services served by our professional dental specialists include teeth whitening, root canals, dental implants, oral surgery, orthodontics, and broken or cracked tooth repair, in which some of the dental services is covered by Refugee Insurances and its free for the refugee patients.

Free Emergency Dental Services for Refugees

Walk-in Dental Clinic takes pride in providing free of charge emergency dental services for North York, Toronto refugees. Dental emergencies may arise due to several reasons, such as accidents and insufficient oral hygiene. Our Walk-in Dental Clinic welcomes all refugees for delivering emergency dental services in North York, Toronto.

Free Tooth Abscess Treatment for Refugees

You should never let a tooth abscess go untreated unless you get into trouble. In the event of a tooth abscess, visiting an emergency dentist is of the essence. Walk-in Dental Clinic provides free of charge treatments to save your abscessed tooth. Refugees facing a tooth abscess can call our dental office to schedule an appointment.

Free Broken or Cracked Tooth Treatment for Refugees

In case of an emergency broken or cracked tooth, only an emergency dentist can help you deal with the problem. A severely broken tooth may lead to tooth loss. However, Walk-in Dental Clinic won’t let a tooth loss happen to refugees by providing the best broken tooth repair services. We offer immediate and appropriate treatment for refugees’ broken or cracked tooth for free in North York, Toronto.





Our Services

View the wide variety of services we have available.

Our Services

View the wide variety of services we have available.

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