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Broken Tooth Repair in North York, Toronto

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Broken Tooth | Chipped Tooth

We all want to have healthy teeth. However, sometimes we may face dental problems or injuries. Dental injuries, based on their severity, are divided into two types: emergency and non-emergency.

In case of emergency injuries such as a cracked or broken crown, you should visit the emergency dentist immediately. If you left it untreated, you may lose your tooth. In non-emergency cases such as a chipped crown, there is no need for an immediate referral to the emergency dental office. However, you should protect the injured tooth before you undergo the treatment to prevent further injuries.

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Broken Tooth Repair

Chipped Crown

A chipped tooth is not an emergency. But you should protect it until you visit the emergency dentist. The emergency dentist may shave the affected area and then repairs it with dental composites.

Broken or Cracked Crown

If your tooth is broken or cracked, you have to head to the emergency dental clinic immediately. In this case, the inner part of your tooth may be damaged. If your tooth is broken severely, you may lose it. In this emergency case, you should do the following:

  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm water.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling on your face.
  • If you are suffering from pain, use painkillers such as acetaminophen.
  • Never place painkillers directly against your gums because they may burn the gum tissue.

The X-rays help the dentist to identify the problems. If the dental nerve or dental pulp is damaged, root canals may be needed. If the dental pulp is not damaged and only the crown of the tooth is broken, tooth crown may be used to repair the broken tooth.

Oral Surgery Recovery

After oral surgery in our North York dental office, you have to take good care of your mouth to ensure a quick recovery. Oral surgery recovery can range from 48 hours to 1 month, depending on the type of oral surgery. Make sure to follow our North York dentist’s instructions. There are various simple ways to ease the pain, avoid infection, and speed up the recovery time after oral surgery. Here are some of them:

  •  Follow our North York oral surgeon’s instructions. For example, he may recommend not brushing your teeth and using mouthwash because your mouth is too sensitive for regular oral hygiene. You can rinse your mouth with saltwater.
  •  Do not smoke or drink alcohol because they slow the healing process.
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling or bruises. If it gets worse, you notice pus, and you have a fever, it may be infected. In this case, call our North York dental clinic right away.
  • Bite on folded gauze to control bleeding. Bleeding for the first day after the oral surgery is normal. If it continues for more than 24 hours or you are suffering from excessive bleeding, contact our North York oral surgeon.
  • Consider what you eat. Try to eat cool and soft foods after oral surgery. Please avoid consuming too cold, hot, spicy, tough, and chewy foods. Do not use a straw for drinking.

Do not forget post-surgery follow-up appointments with our North York oral surgeon to ensure you are healing well. Follow all his instructions to avoid any side effects and complications.

The Procedure for Repairing a Broken Tooth

Some dentists use CAD / CAM technology, and it is done in one dental appointment. If a broken tooth cannot be saved, you can use other options, such as implant-based restorations or dental bridges, as a replacement for missing teeth.

If you cannot reach the emergency dental office immediately, and you have to wait a few days, you can follow some guidelines to reduce your pain and prevent further damages. Here are some guidelines:

  • Look in the mirror or ask a friend or family member to examine your tooth. You should pull the crown off if it is loose to prevent swallowing.
  • If the broken edge is sharp and damages your tongue or cheek, you can place dental wax or sugarless gum gently on it to make sure that the broken corners are covered.
  • Consider your pain. If your pain is mild, painkillers can help reduce it (be careful not to take too many medications, as they can be harmful to your health). If your pain is severe or your teeth are bleeding, your condition is urgent, and you should refer to the emergency dental office as soon as possible.

Luckily, Walk-In Dental Clinic is committed to offering you emergency dental services as quickly as possible in the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

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