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At Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, we offer essential orthodontic services. Orthodontic treatments can help you get a straight and healthy smile. Popular orthodontics consist of dental braces, retainers, and rapid palate expanders. Braces are a common form of orthodontics and are typically applied to the teeth of children and adolescents to help its growth and development. Although braces and other orthodontic services are also available for adults.
With our clinic available 7 days a week and with a late night working period, we can accommodate your orthodontic needs at your desired time. Don’t stress about having to pull your kids out of school or extracurricular activities for an early dentist appointment, you can simply visit in the evening at a time that is comfortable for you.

We have braces for adults
Think you’re too old for braces? Rethink! At Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, our treatments are suitable for both adults and children, and are clinically proven to get the best outcomes.

Orthodontic treatment for adults in North York, Toronto
You may be astounded to realize that at Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, most of our patients are adults. Orthodontic treatment is not anymore just for teenagers and children; and this is in part to the range of orthodontic treatment options now available, a lot of which are incredibly discreet. At Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, our most prevalent treatment options for adults include:

  • Damon Clear braces

These are discreet, effective and work rapidly to move teeth into position

  • Hidden lingual braces

They are fitted to the back surface of your teeth, thus virtually undetectable to anyone around you

  • Invisalign

Capacity to remove the aligners for eating, brushing and flossing, and for unique events, makes Invisalign an appealing alternative.

Do you still ask why you need an Orthodontic treatment?
Many adults may have resigned themselves to the fact that they won’t ever have the straight teeth or the perfect smile they’ve always dreamed about. At Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, we say don’t settle for less. Come in and see us, as straightening that crooked front tooth, and offering you more confidence to smile, could be easier than you ever realized.
We also have excellent payment plans in place to help make your orthodontic treatment affordable.
Another cause to have orthodontic treatment is that it’s good for your overall health. If your teeth and jaws aren’t properly aligned, this can adversely affect the way your teeth chew food, and possibly resulting in digestive issues. Book a free consultation with us today at Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, to discover more about your adult orthodontic treatment options.

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids and Teens In Toronto
Orthodontic treatment is suitable, and is of great benefits to kids and teens. In fact, it is prescribed that all children are seen by an orthodontist by the age of seven as this enables any potential problems to be identified ahead of time. So come to Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York to have the best orthodontic services for your children in Toronto. If your child requires orthodontic treatment, it may be possible for this to be provided under the National Health Scheme. Nonetheless, there are certain Government criteria that must be met.

Private Orthodontic Treatment
If your child doesn’t qualify for orthodontic treatment under the NHS, private treatment is your next alternative. This has many advantages that include, a greater choice of treatment options and no restrictions on appointment times. Also private treatment does not require you to wait unlike that of NHS treatment.
Here at Walk-In Dental Clinic, North York, Toronto, we attend to numerous children and private treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. Come in for a free first appointment and you will have an opportunity to talk with our chief orthodontist.

Discreet orthodontic treatment for teenagers in Toronto
Most teens feel self-conscious about receiving orthodontic treatment, especially when they assume they’re going to have to wear ‘train tracks’. The recent development in orthodontic technology has made available more treatment options for teenagers these days, including almost undetectable ones such as Invisalign aligners or hidden braces, also called lingual braces.

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