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Struggling with a dental emergency or late-night toothache? Call us now and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Toronto! We offer same-day & after-hours appointments to meet your emergency dental needs as fast as possible. Walk-in Patients are welcome! Our Conveniently-located dental clinic is ready to serve patients with extended working hours, seven days a week. Walk In Dental Clinic is the right choice for those who look for top-quality emergency dental care in Toronto.

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FAQs Provided by Our Highly-Experienced Emergency Dentist in Toronto

Generally, patients suffering from unbearable dental pain visit us with many questions in their minds. Thus, our Toronto emergency dental practitioner responds to the most common questions that are frequently asked.

Our Walk In Dental Clinic dental team strives to keep dental and oral health care within reach for everyone. That explains why we offer affordable emergency dental services in Toronto and ensure your oral health for many years to come.

Financing Options

 You can benefit from our various financing options and payment plans regarding the cost of dental treatments for Toronto patients. We provide dental implants for only $999. All Insurances Accepted. We also have direct billing, free consultation, senior discount, and free teeth whitening After completing a New Patient Exam.

Our emergency dentists and dental specialists have many years of successful experience in cosmetic & emergency dentistry in Toronto. They are ready to restore both the health and beauty of your smile. Over 480 Google reviews are evidence of our exceptional success in serving patients with top-quality dental care in Toronto.

You can also visit our emergency dentists seven days a week as Walk In Dental Clinic is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Walk-in patients are always welcome!

Emergency dental services come in various types and, accordingly, at various prices. The cost of each dental treatment may also depend on some influential factors. For instance, tooth extraction typically costs between $180 and $540, considering the complexity of the procedure. The cost of dental fillings may also range from $170 to $320. If you need emergency endodontic therapy, the cost averages between $520 and $1220. As mentioned previously, you don’t need to worry about the cost of dental services in our Toronto dental clinic since we offer various financing options. Contact our emergency dental office to gain precise information about the prices. You can also visit the cost of emergency dental services in Toronto.

You can whether contact our office at 416-225-1500 and schedule an appointment or fill out the patient form online. We serve the patients with extended working hours seven days a week and same-day appointments for their convenience. You can also visit our emergency dentist without booking an appointment in advance, as walk-in patients are accepted.

Time is of the essence when seeking emergency dental treatment. Some dental emergencies, such as a knocked-out tooth, require immediate action, or you will lose your natural tooth. That’s why we try our best to meet your dental emergency in the quickest and best way. Emergency dental problems may lead to permanent oral and overall health issues that no treatment will be effective for them anymore.

You should consider that a dental emergency is any situation in which you need emergency and urgent care to prevent tooth loss, alleviate pain, or stop excessive bleeding. Here are some of the non-emergency dental procedures: • Orthodontics (if there is no pain, trauma, infection, and so on) • Tooth replacement options, including implants, bridges, or dentures • Cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening

When you refer to the dental office, the emergency dentist will ask you some questions to decide if you are a Coronavirus carrier. He will also examine your overall health. According to the Ministry of Health instructions, the following questions are asked from the patient: Have you or your family member had the symptoms similar to the cold, such as the runny nose, fever, body pain, cough, or respiratory problems? If you have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, contact us to postpone your appointment.

Here are some guidelines that help you to protect yourself and avoid spreading the Coronavirus to the staff and other people in the emergency dental clinic:

  1.  After entering the emergency dental office, patients are expected to wash their face and hands with water and soap or disinfectant hand washes and then avoid touching their clothes or body.
  2.  Disinfect the door handle after entering and leaving.
  3.  For better disinfection, the disinfectants should remain on the surfaces for a few minutes after spraying
  4.  It is better to wear protective clothing such as a single-use hood.
  5.  Patients must use chlorhexidine mouthwash or saltwater before the dental procedure.

Emergency Services

Emergency dental services


Dental Implants

Root canals

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Emergency Dental Services in Toronto



Dental Implants

Root canals

Bridges & crowns


Need emergency dental care?

Same-day emergency dental appointment is available. We are open 7 days a week!

How Emergency Dentistry Differs from General Dentistry?

Generally, dental professionals, emergency dentists, and general dentists are extensively trained and experienced in providing beneficial treatments for patients needing help. However, as our Toronto Emergency dentist believes, their exceptional services are different in a few ways.

What does an emergency dentist do?

Those who start their practice as urgent dental care providers should educate in dental schools, like general dentists. However, they should take additional training courses to deal with life-threatening dental conditions that suddenly occur.

What is the most Initial Step your Emergency Dentist takes as you enter the clinic? 

Dealing with severe pain is the initial step emergency dentists do as you enter the clinic. According to a professional emergency dentist in Toronto, a thorough dental exam to determine the type and severity of the patient’s problems should be immediately done after relieving the pain.
Don’t hesitate to call us immediately if you need the help of a highly-skilled emergency dentist in Toronto who is ready to help you seven days a week.

What Are Common Services Offered by Emergency Dentists?

If it is determined your dental pain is caused by dental decay, teeth filling can be the right solution for you. Dental chips and cracks are restored through dental crowns while severe conditions like gum diseases require oral surgeries. Besides, Walk In Dental Clinic provides top-notch dental care in Toronto, like root canal therapy or preserving your natural teeth that are severely infected. The last solution they will choose to stop the spread of infection to the surrounding areas is urgent tooth extraction.

What Does a General Dentist Do?

The most common types of dentists responsible for providing routine dental exams for patients of all ages are general dentists. They also monitor the condition of your permanent teeth to diagnose all possible risks promptly and treat them before they get worse. You can book your appointment with our general or emergency dentist in Toronto right away at Walk In Dental Clinic.


Our emergency dentist’s office, Walk-In Dental Clinic, is among the first to introduce the latest dental technologies in Toronto. Our caring emergency team is pleased to offer Toronto teeth whitening procedures using Philips Zoom, the patient-requested professional whitening treatment. More than 10 million patients have used Zoom to achieve brighter, healthier smiles. Unlike some other types of teeth whitening products, Philips Zoom will not harm teeth and gums. It is safe to use and proven to whiten teeth by as much as 8 shades. Philips Zoom at Walk-In Dental Clinic gives your teeth greater luster and protects the enamel, and is only accessible through a dentist’s office. Get the brighter, healthier smile with Philips Zoom teeth whitening, available at Walk-In Dental Clinic. For more information, seek help from an emergency dentist in Toronto.


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Need emergency dental care?
Same-day emergency dental appointment is available. We are open 7 days a week!


Our professional staff at our emergency dental clinic offers a wide range of dental services from general dentistry and orthodontics to other emergency dental procedures, such as emergency oral surgeon and fillings. Our dedicated emergency dentist’s provide all dental services at our Emergency Walk-In Dental Clinic in Toronto include teeth whitening and bleaching, crown and denture repair, and cosmetic dental procedures. Plan your visit to our emergency dentist’s office with no appointment needed, and discover how easy it can be to regain your healthy smile! Call us at 647-931-6696

Emergency Dental Toronto

In the case of a dental emergency, try to take the right steps. While you must see your emergency dentist at your earliest convenience, following the tips provided by emergency dentists help you manage the issue better until you get to the dentist. If dental emergencies are left untreated, they can cause crucial problems, as well as the need for expensive and extensive treatment. A more beneficial treatment will be provided if you can see your emergency dentist within an hour of experiencing a true dental emergency. Besides, providing your dentist with the correct information about your emergency case is essential. If it is confusing for you to know what is classified as a dental emergency, we are trying to give you some signs about when you need emergency dental care.

I needed a new dentist. I tried the local dental chain around Toronto and was underwhelmed. My neighbor mentioned that he had a new dentist and gave me the phone number of Walk-In Dental Clinic. I made my appointment and when I walked in I knew right away that I was in a great place. Clean, professional looking office, warm greeting from the staff, who I now know by name.

Annie Rosey
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Need emergency dental care?
Same-day emergency dental appointment is available. We are open 7 days a week!

Common Signs of a Dental Emergency

Severe Toothache

Having a severe toothache can be a sign that you should schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible since various reasons can cause it. The treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the condition. So, getting a proper diagnosis by an emergency dentist is essential. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, don’t hesitate to call us. The first goal of our caring team in Toronto is to be your dentist of choice.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

A chipped or fractured tooth is one of the more common dental emergencies that needs immediate treatment, but there’s nothing to make you too concerned about if it’s only a slight chip. You should find the piece of broken tooth, wrap it in the wet gauze and seek help from an emergency dentist quickly. Your emergency dentist offers the appropriate treatment depending on your tooth condition. If you are undergoing a dental emergency, including a chipped or broken tooth, it’s necessary to visit an emergency dentist at your earliest convenience. Call us if you live in Toronto.

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth can be a sign of infection, usually at the root of your tooth. If you are experiencing symptoms like swollen glands, fever, or a foul taste in your mouth, you should visit your dentist for an emergency appointment. A dental abscess can be caused by injury or trauma to the tooth, severe gum disease, or a cavity left untreated.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

If one of your teeth is pulled out, try to place it back into its socket. In case this is not possible, put the knocked-out tooth in a container of milk or saltwater. Then, visit your emergency dentist within an hour with your saved tooth. We are always ready to help with your dental emergency.

Swollen Jaw

A serious sign of infection is a swollen jaw. But if it is accompanied by a fever, bad taste in your mouth, trouble breathing or swallowing, you will need emergency dental care. If you have such a sign, visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Bleeding and Aching Gums

Excessive bleeding of your gums after flossing can be a sign of early gum gingivitis. Also, red and swollen gums are a sign of infection. So, if you are experiencing these symptoms, call your emergency dentist to book an appointment. Gum disease can appear in various stages with little warning and in some severe stages, restoring the teeth to their healthy state is not easily possible. The treatment will depend on the severity of your gum disease. We offer our affordable emergency dental treatments to individuals experiencing gum gingivitis.

Canker Sorer Sore

A serious sign of infection is a swollen jaw. But if it is accompanied by a fever, bad taste in your mouth, trouble breathing or swallowing, you will need emergency dental care. If you have such a sign, visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Lost Filling or Crown

How to treat a lost crown or filling? Is this a dental emergency? A lost filling or crown can be a sign of forming another cavity in your tooth. It can also cause temperature sensitivity, pain during chewing, and other symptoms associated with a toothache. The emergency dentist should be the first person to visit if you have a dental emergency. Before that, you rinse your mouth out with warm water and fill the cavity with cotton wool or a specific dental product, namely Dentemp.

Data of emergency dentistry in Toronto

More info and Some Statistics on Dental Emergencies

Although dental emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, it is highly related to good oral health. Besides, oral health is a determining factor in overall health. According to statistics, a quarter of people living in Canada do not care about their oral health and suffer from poor oral hygiene. It is proved that people, especially men refer to a dentist only when they face a sudden intolerable toothache. Meanwhile, women care about their dental situation more. As a result, Canadian females face dental emergencies less. Another important fact should be considered about dental emergencies is that almost 50% of adults and children (from 6 to 11) have gum disease and tooth decay symptoms. As a result, when a child doesn’t care about their oral hygiene, s/he will face more dental emergencies as an adult.
Need emergency dental care?
Same-day emergency dental appointment is available. We are open 7 days a week!
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