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Certified Endodontist in North York 

Our certified endodontist in North York with significant years of experience offers the highest standard of professional care to our dear patients of all ages. The experienced team at Walk In Dental Clinic is dedicated exclusively to eliminating pain and saving your natural teeth in the most professional way. A wide range of dental procedures is available in our dental clinic, including root canal therapy or endodontics in North York.

Our experienced endodontist offers pain-free treatment in our comfortable and welcoming dental clinic. Besides, the car parking for our patients at Walk In Dental Clinic is free.

Give us a phone call and schedule an appointment with one of the best endodontists in North York.

The Cost of Endodontic Treatment in North York

The cost of endodontics in North York may average between $500 and $1200. As a whole, the cost you should pay for root canal therapy depends on a variety of influential factors, such as the extent of damages, the number of canals that require therapy, and the type of your tooth.

Here at Walk In Dental Clinic, we strive to offer affordable endodontic therapy and keep your tooth healthy for the longest possible time.

Our endodontist in North York has extensive experience and can treat your dental problems with no complications afterwards. You can always contact our dental clinic to gain more information about the cost of emergency dental services and endodontics in North York.

Endodontics North York

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontic treatment is one of the most common dental procedures that treat the root of your tooth. A trained endodontist typically performs the procedure, and it is considered a dental specialty. The word endodontic is derived from two stems. The first stem is endo, which means inside. The second one is done, which means tooth. Over 14 million endodontic procedures are performed by endodontists worldwide every year.

Endodontic treatment is one of the final and only definitive therapies to preserve the damaged tooth and eliminate deep caries at the root of the tooth. At Walk In Dental Clinic, our endodontist in North York performs root canal therapy to ease the pain and infection beneath your tooth. If you need endodontic services within North York and the surrounding area, contact our office and book your appointment right away. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Endodontics

Our North York endodontist is frequently asked some questions about root canals and the required care after that. Here we provide the best answers to such questions to help you know more about endodontic treatment:

How do I know if I need endodontic therapy?

When your tooth gets cracked, broken, or damaged to an accident, the endodontist tries to preserve your natural tooth with the help of root canal therapy. Moreover, the teeth which are severely decayed, infected or have deep cavities require endodontics to be saved. Our endodontist in North York always recommends taking regular dental exams seriously to prevent the need for root canal therapy. In such dental sessions, the dentist diagnoses signs of decay at the early stages and treats them before it worsens.

Is endodontics a painful dental procedure?

Despite many patients assumptions, endodontic therapy is not a painful procedure, especially if performed by a professional endodontist. You won’t feel any pain throughout the root canal procedure as your endodontist utilizes local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and gum tissue. However, you may feel a touch of pain after your treatment, which is totally normal. When getting endodontics in our North York dental clinic, our specialist may prescribe some pain killers to deal with the pain after treatment.

How long does it take for endodontics to be done?

Endodontic therapy can take one to three hours to be completed. But some patients may need more than a dental session for their root canal procedure. Our endodontist in North York will tell you how complex your endodontic therapy will and how much time it takes after a precise dental examination.

Endodontics for a Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental and oral problems that brings the need for endodontic therapy. It is caused by some factors, such as bacteria, frequent snacking, drinking sugary beverages, and poor oral hygiene. The bacteria in the mouth ferment sucrose sugar and produce an acid called lactic acid.

 It leads to the destruction of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus of the enamel and causes tooth decay. In this case, you have to visit an endodontist or dentist right away because it can lead to more serious dental emergencies, such as tooth loss and the need for dental implants.

If you are among those suffering from severe tooth decay, do not hesitate to contact Walk In Dental Clinic and book an appointment to visit our professional endodontist in North York.

Different Degrees of Tooth Decay and Endodontics

Different degrees of tooth decay can cause various problems and symptoms. Our North York endodontist examines your teeth carefully to determine the precise extent of damage to your tooth. In some cases, you will require an x-ray for a more exact diagnosis in your dental exam. 

If caries occurs on the enamel, there are no symptoms such as pain or similar problems. The only symptom is a change in the color of the tooth from white to yellow or brown in more severe degrees. If caries occurs in the dentin, the patient will suffer pain and tooth sensitivity.

When caries reach the pulp, you will experience intolerable symptoms due to stimulating blood vessels and nerve fibres in this area. Symptoms of a decayed tooth include severe hypersensitivity of the teeth to sugars, severe dental pain, resistance to analgesics, and hypersensitivity to cold liquids and air. In this case, endodontics should be performed by our qualified endodontist in our well-equipped North York dental clinic. 

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endodontist North York

Steps of Endodontics

If caries reaches the pulp of the tooth, it will cause inflammation. Inflammation puts too much pressure on the tooth and leads to severe pain. Our endodontist, who specializes in endodontic treatment within North York, removes the inflamed or infected pulp during root canal treatment.

In the first step of endodontics, the endodontist removes the decayed parts and accesses the dental canals. In the next stage, the canals will be completely cleaned and dried.

Then, the endodontist fills the tooth roots with certain materials made for such a purpose. We try our best to provide the patients with top-quality endodontic therapy at walk In Dental Clinic. This materials are fully compatible with human tissue and will not damage your teeth or gums. Then, the patient may receive an x-ray from our certified North York endodontist.

After filling the canals during the procedure, the endodontist covers your tooth. In order to reduce the pain, analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed for the patient.

During the last step of the treatment, the endodontist puts a crown on the tooth. This stage is one of the most important stages of endodontics and should not be ignored. The crown prevents possible injuries and fractures in the teeth. Generally speaking, a broken tooth may also need endodontics to remain healthy in its place. 

The endodontist specialist administers anesthesia so that the patient will not suffer from pain during the endodontic procedure in our North York dental clinic. Our endodontists offer painkillers to help you manage your pain.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene 

The tooth is one of the main and most important organs in the human body. It improves not only your facial beauty but also your digestive health. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to its health. You must consult with your dentist or endodontist about your dental health. Your endodontist ensures that your mouth is as healthy as possible and meets your dental needs if it is necessary. Visit our endodontic specialist if you require root canal therapy in North York as soon as possible and before it is too late.

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