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Sleep Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know About It

Have you ever felt extremely stressed and anxious when you decided to visit your dentist? If so, know that you aren’t alone! Many people worldwide fear dentistry and don’t want to go to a dental clinic unless they have no other choice. Some of them try to use home remedies as much as possible because they want to avoid dental services. Dentistry fear is so common, and fortunately, there is an effective solution for it these days. Thanks to sleep dentistry, patients feel less anxiety and can have a good experience from a dental visit. Our experienced team at Walk In Dental Clinic offers the highest quality of sleep dentistry services to help all patients benefit from our amazing procedures and treatment plans. However, many still don’t have enough information about this branch and wonder if it really works. If you are one of those people, you need to visit our Toronto sleep dentists once to have your perspective changed about dental clinics. Today’s blog explains everything an individual needs to know about sleep dentistry and its benefits.

What Are the Different Methods?

  1. Oral sedation:In this technique, your dentist gives you oral sedatives in order to make you numb and relaxed during the treatment.
  2. Laughing gas:It’s a useful method to prepare the patient for the procedure. Our dentists use quality nitrous oxide in Toronto to make patients laugh and reduce the level of their anxiety.
  3. IV sedation:The popular drug known as Midazolam is used in this method intravenously. The needed dose depends on the patient’s age, wellness, and weight.
  4. General anesthesia:It’s mostly used by oral surgeons to perform complicated and painful procedures. If the patient is eligible enough to receive general anesthesia, our Toronto oral surgeons use it to make them unconscious during the procedure. In this way, the patients will be asleep during the entire treatment and will emerge again from anesthesia with the help of professionals. 

Is the Last One Safe? 

Many want to know whether using anesthesia to treat an oral condition is safe. The fact is this technique isn’t hurtful at all under the supervision of qualified dentists. Moreover, you need to consider treating some severe problems like dental emergencies may demand such techniques. That’s why many of our emergency dentists in Toronto cooperate with anesthesia specialists. 

Who Is a Good Candidate? 

Generally, anyone from 16 to 85 years old can be an eligible candidate for sleep dentistry. However, some other factors like well-being and medical history are extremely important. For instance, people who suffer from tooth abscesses can’t be a good candidate, and they can visit our clinic to receive our Toronto tooth abscess treatments and regain their oral health. 

What Treatments Can Be Done with Sleep Dentistry? 

Almost all dental procedures can get boosted with sleep dentistry, such as:

  • Extractions:In advanced levels, it’s important to make sure the patient is numb and won’t feel pain. 
  • Implants:Getting them is considered an oral surgery that requires anesthesia. You can visit our experienced implant dentists in Toronto for more information. 

Visit our experts to have a detailed personal consultation.

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