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What to Do If You Still Feel Pain Even After a Root Canal Therapy

One of the most stressful dental treatments you can ever experience is root canal treatment. Also known as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment is one of the lengthy dental procedures used when the patient’s tooth is too decayed to be saved by other options. The pain caused by a severely decayed tooth can disturb your everyday routine and ruin your mood for days, and root canal therapy can save you from this annoying pain and give you the comfort you lost. Our endodontists have years of experience performing root canal therapy and other endodontic treatments here at Walk In Dental Clinic, so that you can trust them with your dental needs. Dentists who are endodontists are trained and educated to treat dental problems associated with your tooth roots, including a wide range of endodontic treatments. However, sometimes you can still feel sharp annoying toothache even after undergoing root canal therapy, which indicates severe tooth problems. In such cases, visit your endodontist as soon as possible and ask the following helpful questions for a better evaluation.

Why hasn’t my tooth healed even after root canal therapy?

Although most root canal treatments are successful, it’s still possible for a patient to feel extreme pain due to a failed process. In these cases, an endodontic treatment might be the best answer to give your previously treated tooth a second chance. The following conditions are some of the causes of root canal treatment failure:

  • The patient overlooked placing a protective cosmetic crown after the therapy.
  • Your dentist didn’t detect extra, oddly shaped, or redirected root canals at first to treat them.
  • A damaged crown or filling could lead to dental emergencies like tooth infection after a while.
  • The process of tooth restoration failed and couldn’t prevent contamination from your saliva.
  • You have tooth breaks and cracks.

What treatment options do I have?

When you chose root canal therapy, you probably didn’t have any other options but tooth extraction. After you realize the root canal treatment is a failure, your endodontist may recommend you to have a professional surgery named endodontic surgery. During the surgery, your oral surgeon needs to make an incision at the tip of the tooth root to remove the infected part surgically. If you aren’t interested in this method, you have no other choice except tooth extraction.

What should I expect after endodontic treatment?

Depending on your condition, your recovery period will differ from other patients. It’s essential to follow your endodontist’s instructions to prevent problems like dental abscesses and tooth infections and regain oral health. It’s normal to see your treated tooth extremely sensitive a few days after the surgery, and pain and discomfort can be controlled with over-the-counter medications. Seriously avoid chewing hard foods and vigorous brushing around the sensitive tissues. All these swelling and pain will be diminished in two weeks if you carefully follow all necessary tips and take good care of your oral condition

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