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The Awful Experience of Losing Teeth

When we were children, nothing was more exciting than getting a reward for losing a tooth and having a new one. But this is not the same for an adult. A permanent lost tooth will not grow back naturally. This dental problem may happen to all of us. We may lose our adult teeth in an accident or due to a severely ignored dental issue. And then what happens? We will face difficulties while chewing and speaking. Specifically, if the lost tooth is visible and in the front row of our jaw, we will probably feel diffidence to smile. That is when you can go for tooth replacement options to regain the confidence to smile and speak. Dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges are all popular cosmetic dental treatments suggested to patients suffering from missing teeth considering their oral health status. Among all these methods, dental implants are the most popular and used for almost all patients, with no constraint. If you are residing in and across North York, and strive to replace your lost teeth, the dedicated and professional dental specialists at Walk In Dental Clinic promise to restore the function and appearance of your teeth and smile through state-of-the- art implant dentistry techniques and technologies. Contact us right away if you want to have new, healthy teeth again.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

As mentioned earlier, dental bridges and dentures are two common solutions for replacing lost teeth, but both have limitations. Those looking for long-term and unremarkable replacements will be advised to undergo dental implants. However, many avoid choosing this cosmetic dental treatment since they are afraid of hearing that replacing dental implants requires some kind of oral surgery. Every task will be done properly if a professional and educated specialist does it, and dental implants are no exception to this rule. When you leave your lost tooth to a dedicated and experienced dental specialist, you can be sure of the result. Moreover, the dental specialist performing dental implants will take advantage of advanced dentistry tools along with sedation dentistry to make you feel comfortable during the surgery without feeling any pain.

Overall, considering the array of benefits associated with dental implants, it can be said that it is worth overcoming the fear of this oral surgery and its possible risks.

It is impossible to enjoy the foods you love without having the strength to chew. And when you get dentures or even dental bridges, you will not have the same feeling of pleasure from powerful chewing. In other words, dentures and other tooth replacements that are temporarily attached to your gums or existing teeth cannot give you much chewing power. In addition, strong chewing with dentures and dental bridges will also bring the possibility of issues. You may suddenly notice dentures slipping in your mouth while chewing. Too much pressure on the denture can cause it to break, accompanied by pain, and it may also prevent you from chewing normally. But, when it comes to dental implants, all these concerns are solved. The implanted tooth is fixed through a screw in your gum, and that is why it is constantly said that the implanted tooth works just like a real tooth.

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