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What Is Toothache and How Can You Manage It?

Toothache is one of those scary types of pain that can interrupt our daily life. People who experienced excruciating dental pain can admit that this is somehow among the worst pains to endure. Toothache appears in a variety of forms and levels of severity. You may feel a pulsing or sharp dental pain as a result of tooth sensitivity or experience a consistent toothache due to a severely decayed tooth. Generally speaking, toothache occurs when the tooth nerves are irritated, and there are many causes for such a problem. Regardless of your toothache type, the root of your dental pain should be diagnosed as immediately as possible. Walk In Dental Clinic is the most trusted place in Toronto you can refer to assuredly in the event of a toothache. Our professional dentists find the reason for your dental pain, then apply the most practical solutions to relieve your pain. Here is where your dental pain comes to an end professionally.


What Are the Causes of Your Toothache? 

Poor oral hygiene tops the list of reasons for a toothache. Lack of oral hygiene leads to tooth decay and cavities in most cases. Moreover, not properly taking care of your teeth and neglecting regular dental check-ups will result in:

 So mentioned dental problems are a few of many dental emergencies that can happen due to poor oral hygiene. Everyone should seriously take regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits into consideration for preventing dental pain. Some patients don’t seek appropriate and on-time emergency dental care, which can even cause tooth loss.

Dental Pain Signs and Symptoms

 Dental pain primarily indicates something is wrong with your teeth. As a result, taking your toothache is of the essence to prevent more complicated dental problems. Sweet, cold, or boiling foods and beverages may be the reasons for your sharp and throbbing toothache. As discussed in the beginning, this type of toothache happens due to your teeth sensitivity. Although sensitive teeth are not as dangerous as a dental emergency, they can be unbearably annoying and distract you from typical life. Using toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth may be a simple yet practical solution for your sensitive teeth.

Dental Pain

However, if the dental pain occurs out of tooth infection, tooth decay, a broken tooth, etc., considering the appropriate dental treatments must be your priority. Such dental problems are called dental emergencies and require urgent dental care.

When Is the Right Time to Visit a Dentist?

While you may be able to provide temporary relief for your toothache with over-the-counter painkillers, it is always wise to see an emergency dentist immediately in case you are suffering from:


  • A high temperature because of a dental pain
  • Consistent toothache that continues for a few days
  • The toothache that does not lessen or disappear by painkillers
  • Dental pain due to tooth sensitivity


Walk In Dental Clinic provides you with after-hours and same-day dental care in the event of a severe toothache. We aim to minimize your wasting time for a dental visit and provide you with quick and permanent dental pain relief.


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