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The Relation Between Oral Health and Mental Health

The human mind is constantly evolving, causing more and more stress in our modern lives. Although today’s world is highly associated with technology and innovations, the quality of our lives is not satisfying. Psychologically, a controlled level of stress can keep you motivated. However, excessive stress is the reason for many of our health problems, and oral health issues are no exception. Many people are aware that chronic stress ends up in depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders, but do you know your mental health and oral health share a two-directional relationship? How possible? Patients who refer to a dental clinic, especially for getting emergency dental treatments, experience anxiety most of the time. On the other side, patients suffering from intense anxiety pay the least attention to their oral health.

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Are Mental Health and Oral Health Related? 

Growing research reveals the link between oral and overall health. But, how about the relationship between your oral and mental health? Everyone admits that maintaining good oral hygiene enhances mental health while poor oral hygiene speeds up the development of mental illnesses. Here at Walk In Dental Clinic in North York, we strive to come to your aid if you are suffering from dental problems due to mental issues. Our dental group offers the best dental services, such as dental implants causing no stress and help you smile confidently once again. 

How Anxiety and Depression Lead to Oral Health Problems?

As mentioned above, people suffering from mental disorders are more prone to dental issues since they ignore their oral hygiene and consume a lot of sugary foods and drinks. This explains why tooth infection is very common among depressed people. Besides, the medications used for mental disorders may impact a person’s oral health. They come with many side effects such as the dry mouth and finally lead to oral health flaws. Saliva contains crucial minerals and helps you maintain strong enamel on the surface of your teeth. Hence, the lack of sufficient saliva makes you susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay.  

According to the research, people with depression and anxiety usually have inflamed gum tissue. These minor oral health issues end up in costly The Relation Between permanent health complications if left untreated. Bruxism is also common among depressed patients. Smoking, alcohol, and poor diet are other reasons that cause oral health problems among people with mental health disorders. 


Stress-Related Oral Health Issues during Covid-19

Nowadays, coronavirus has negatively impacted our mental health to a significant extent. We hear more and more about the anxiety and depression associated with covid-19, which means a growing need for emergency dentists. Walk In Dental is ready to provide you with a variety of dental services in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan. Our experienced dentists and specialists help you overcome your fears and maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime. You can follow your routine dental visit during covid-19 since we ensure your treatment is performed in a safe dental clinic area. Contact our office with no hesitation.  

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