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Is It Considered a Dental Emergency?

No one can expect a dental emergency to happen at a specific time. Although dental emergencies are significant issues, they are usually ignored. They may start with minor pain and progress to a severe case to the extent that it makes the person run to an emergency dental clinic. In contrast, sometimes, the dental issue is not actually an emergency case. Generally, if you are experiencing unbearable pain avoiding you doing your daily activities, it is highly suggested to refer to an emergency dentist. With years of experience, the professional staff at Walk In Dental Clinic are skilled enough to diagnose a dental emergency and treat it pronto. We offer comprehensive services for our patients. No matter when you face dental emergencies. We are always open and ready to help.

Dental Emergency

Emergency or Not Emergency?

As mentioned earlier, some dental emergencies require immediate attention. But when the patient is in a situation where the pain can be relieved with a few simple steps or home remedies, and he or she can refer to a specialist a few hours later, or the next day, it is not usually a dental emergency case.

A dental emergency can be a tooth that is loose or completely protruding, as well as severe and persistent bleeding along the gums or swelling that causes excruciating pain, and if you have some kind of jaw injury, all of these are included. In these cases, you should see an emergency dentist immediately.

But a missing filling, or a cracked tooth that does not cause much pain, or even a minor toothache that you can soothe with home remedies are some cases that are not considered emergency ones.


Can Dental Emergencies Be Treated?

In most situations, when you go to a sophisticated dentist’s office, s/he will diagnose the problem, relieve the pain, and then considers suitable treatment.

For instance, when a tooth is knocked out, there are two different ways. At first, it is highly suggested to know how to save the tooth. You should find it, and then clean it with water. Of course, it is better to suck the tooth to clean it. Finally, you are supposed to put it in some kind of fluid and go to the clinic swiftly. You can also put it in milk and go to the emergency dentist. In this case, root canal treatment will be applied to save your tooth.

But if the tooth is not saved, a dental implant is still a common way to replace it. This is the latest method used for missing teeth. No matter if one tooth is lost or more than one. Nowadays, the dental implant is a popular cosmetic dental implant with a lot of advantages. This method looks and acts just like your natural tooth.

Dental Emergencies

Are Dental Emergencies Avoidable?

There is no denying that accidents are inevitable. But there are still some ways to minimize dental emergencies. If you are one of those having healthy dental habits such as daily brushing and flossing, you can definitely protect your teeth from damage. Also, avoid improper actions such as opening bottles or cutting objects with your teeth. Any time you engage in high-impact activities such as boxing, sports car racing, or wrestling, remember to wear protective equipment such as helmets and bodyguards. And the last but the most important one is not ignoring regular dental examinations through which potential problems can be detected before they explode.

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