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Gum Disease

Many dental issues have always been a major concern for patient’s oral health, and they really should be. But when it comes to the disease related to your gum tissue, the concerns become even more severe. Gum disease or periodontal disease occurs when the gum tissue gets infected and inflamed. Gum disease can make progress till it reaches the jawbone. So, by noticing the very first signs of periodontal or gum disease, you shouldn’t kill time and visit a periodontist or an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Located in the heart of Toronto, Walk In Dental Clinic is ready to serve the patients with the best treatment for gum disease. We help you restore the health of your gum tissue and prevent any further oral health issues. Gum disease usually begins with the growth of bacteria and ends in tooth loss. As a result, seeking urgent dental care is of the essence.



Gum Disease and Tooth loss 

Gum disease can result in many dreadful oral health conditions, but tooth loss is for sure the worst one. But how can gum disease lead to tooth loss? Let’s continue reading to know more about gum disease:

What is Gum Disease?

According to dental statistics, around 60% of people may struggle with some points of gum disease during their life. It means that this is an almost common oral health condition. But the main problem starts when people neglect seeking urgent dental care for their gum disease. A very simple oral condition with simpler treatment worsens to the extent that it causes permanent health issues. Advanced gum disease, as our emergency dentist in North York states, puts you in real trouble. In better words, you shouldn’t ignore gum disease or deteriorate your healthy mouth.

Why should you let your gum disease progress when you can treat it with simple dental procedures? The awful results of gum disease continue until they reach tooth loss. We can say that tooth loss is inevitable in advanced gum disease because the condition makes the jaw bone that supports your tooth deteriorate over time. The process of jaw bone loss is irreversible, and the dentists have to extract your healthy tooth and prevent infection from spreading to the surrounding tissue.

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When Does Your Dentist Have to Extract Your Tooth?

As the gum disease progresses, you can realize that some of your teeth are loosening. This is because the bacteria constantly grow and harm the remaining healthy tissue. The process needs to be stopped in no time, or the infection affects the other healthy teeth. Sometimes your dentist has to extract the loosened tooth to prevent gum disease. In this case, you can seek replacement methods such as dental implants or dentures. In some severe cases, the tooth is loosened to the extent that it can fall off easily. It shows that the infection has already spread too far. So, you should never ignore proper treatment for your gum disease because it can become a danger to your overall well-being.


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