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Why Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

Long ago, people did not care about their teeth as much as they do now. There were not as many emergency dental treatments as now. Most damaged teeth were usually extracted to save the patient’s other teeth and protect their oral health. These days, people are more knowledgeable about the health of their teeth. In other words, they know how important it is to have a set of healthy teeth to smile confidently. As a result, they try their best to protect their teeth and treat emergency dental issues as soon as possible. The experienced and dedicated team working at Walk In Dental Clinic is always ready to help patients suffering from any dental pain and restore the function and appearance of their natural teeth. So, do not hesitate to visit us anytime you are challenged with any dental issues. 

Nowadays, what matters for almost all dental specialists is to save natural teeth as much as possible. But sometimes, the only way is to extract the tooth. This article will explain that there is no way to extract the tooth. 

There Is a Severely Damaged Tooth 

You may all have heard that when a tooth is damaged, the emergency dentist will go through the possible cutting-edge methods to treat the tooth. One of these ways is root canal therapy. The infected tooth, caused with a tooth abscess, will be cleaned thoroughly and carefully during this emergency dental treatment. In other words, the infection will be dried and removed using top-of-the-line dentistry tools. And finally, the appearance of the natural tooth will be restored with the treatments such as dental crowns

But the point is that sometimes it is too late to save the tooth. Generally speaking, when the infection is progressed to the tooth structure and then the gum, the root canal treatment cannot save the tooth. In this case, the dentist will tell you that the tooth is almost dead. So, what to do? The emergency dentist will suggest you have the tooth extracted to protect your oral health and the adjacent teeth. The emergency dentist can safely do the process of extracting the teeth. The general dentist can also perform it.

There Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth   

The wisdom teeth are the last four teeth that will erupt in your mouth. These are called wisdom teeth. These teeth usually may not cause you any problems. However, most of the time, these teeth will be impacted since your gums do not have enough space. It means that if they are not extracted on time, they will pressure the other teeth making them crooked. Besides, wisdom teeth can be infected easily since they are in a place that may not be brushed or flossed properly. That is why it is highly recommended to have your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible. 

Is The Process of Extracting Painful?

 It is clear that you will feel afraid when you hear that you should go for a tooth extraction. However, it is not necessary to be worried since the dentist will use anesthesia or sedation dentistry to make you numb during the process of extraction. So, you will feel no pain during the surgery. And painkillers will be given to you after the oral surgery to reduce the pain as much as possible.  

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