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Is Teeth Whitening Safe During Pregnancy?

The pregnancy period can be one of the sweetest but most challenging periods of life that a woman can experience. You aren’t supposed to look all beautiful while pregnant as you need to deal with several difficulties and problems such as feeling puffy, having greasy hair, etc.

One of the common problems that pregnant women may experience is yellowed and discolored teeth that can be terribly annoying and decrease their self-confidence, affecting other aspects of life. Teeth whitening treatment is the most popular and effective procedure that most people with strained and discolored teeth tend to do in reliable clinics like Walk In Dental Clinic with professional and experienced dentists to help patients. However, the question is can pregnant women take advantage of teeth whitening treatment in case of having discolored teeth?

Unfortunately, the bad news is that teeth whitening procedure isn’t recommended to most pregnant women unless they have a specific condition to explain to their dentist. Here we have everything a pregnant woman needs to know to whiten her teeth if they aren’t qualified for teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment During Pregnancy

Why Can’t Pregnant Women Whiten Their Teeth with the Help of a Professional Dentist?

Although there is no evidence that teeth whitening is dangerous for pregnant people, dentists recommend avoiding these chemical treatments for your baby’s health. Not only teeth whitening treatment but also other procedures like tooth implants or any unnecessary complicated dental treatment aren’t recommended to pregnant people to lessen the damaging risks to the minimum amount.

Possible Risks for You and Your Baby by Having a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Even though the danger of teeth whitening treatment hasn’t been proven yet, pregnant people’s bodies are more vulnerable to illness, injury, and infection. It explains why teeth whitening can’t be a good option, and here we list its potential risks:

  • Tissue damage: pregnant people are more likely to develop gum disease or dental abscesses as hormone levels increase.
  • Tooth sensitivity: everything will be extra sensitive during pregnancy which is why severe and painful tooth sensitivity is expected by having a teeth whitening treatment. It can even lead to other dental emergencies that are significantly bothering.

Dental Problems in Pregnant People that Can Disturb Teeth Whitening Treatment

  • Enamel erosion: if your tooth gets exposed to frequent contact with damaging stomach acid and other acidic foods, it can erode the protective layer of your enamel. It’s better to visit an endodontist before facing more severe dental problems if you experience multiple vomiting and tend to it acidic foods.
  • Cavities: an increase in craving for sugary foods can lead to a higher risk of harmful tooth cavities during pregnancy. It’s better to maintain standard oral hygiene and have regular checkups with your dentist before you become required to have treatments like root canal therapy or tooth fillings.

Although there isn’t any proven danger of teeth whitening treatment during pregnancy, it’s highly recommended to use whitening strips or other at-home whitening treatments to protect your teeth against any threat. Don’t forget to consult with your dentist about the products you want to use!

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