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Dental Charting and Everything You Need to Know About It

benefits Dental Charting

These days, you can notice how people have changed and become informed about the importance of oral health and dental care, unlike in the past years. In addition to oral hygiene, one of the most important things that all professionals recommend is visiting your regular dentist to check how healthy your oral condition is and detect any suspicious signs of dental traumas.

Dental charting is one of the most valuable processes of oral examinations during frequent checkups, which documents the health of your teeth and gums.

At Walk In Dental Clinic, experienced dentists are ready to provide an accurate dental charting for each patient to see and recognize any signs of threats to their oral teeth and gums. Dental charting can help your dentist know if they need to refer you to other specialists according to your problem.

Furthermore, the provided dental chart contains organized information about your dental health, making the situation easier for other oral specialists to start the most suitable treatment and prevent emergencies like tooth abscesses. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about dental charting to understand why it’s highly recommended to have it every time you visit your dentist for a checkup.

Dental Charting

What is exactly your dental chart?

After checking inside your mouth by your hygienist or an emergency dentist, they gain adequate information about your teeth and gums to make your dental chart. The produced chart by your dentist can take a variety of forms, but they all show your mouth in a graphic or photographic format. Some of the considerable conditions and issues that may be explained in your dental chart include the presence of a bridge and crown, tooth decay, missing teeth, damage to your teeth, bleeding in your gums, etc.

What are the reasons for the dental charting process?

The dental charting process is one of the most incredible ways of organizing essential information about your dental health. In order to perform the best possible treatment and track the progress of your dental health, your dental chart is of great assistance to all of your doctors, whether they are dentists, endodontists, or periodontists.

What should you expect during the dental charting process?

When you have the first visit to a new dental office, remember to expect your hygienist to perform a complete dental charting process of your mouth. The primary process of dental charting is usually done during the first visit, and the other checkups help your dentist track the improvements. Remember to tell your hygienist if you’ve had any alternative treatments like dental implants.

What are the benefits of dental charting?

  • Your dentist is aware enough of your oral condition to suggest the best treatments.
  • Your treatment progress is constantly being tracked.
  • Your dentist can help you to know what cosmetic and beauty treatments, such as teeth whitening are best for you according to your oral condition.
  • The best possible hygiene tips are suggested to prevent emergency problems like a broken or chipped tooth.

Remember to follow your dentist’s instructions after the dental charting process to keep your teeth and oral condition healthy and excellent.

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