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When Is It Necessary to Visit an Emergency Dentist?

While dental problems are often associated with pain or discomfort, it can be difficult to tell which pains can be postponed until having a regular dental appointment and which ones need to be seen by an emergency dentist. Generally, accidents, dental injuries, and tooth damage can happen at any time, day or night, and often require immediate attention. In such cases, the emergency dentist who provides after-hours services can provide the care you need. However, there are some other dental issues that are considered non-emergency cases. Located at the heart of Toronto, Walk In Dental Clinic is ready to accommodate patients with emergency and non-emergency dental treatments.


Non-Emergency Dental Cases

Generally speaking, if you have mild dental allergies, sore gums, bad breath, or other relatively minor dental conditions, make an appointment with your regular dentist for an examination. In other words, it is not necessary to run to the emergency dental office for these dental issues. Even if you are dealing with a minor toothache, it is better to visit your dentist in a regular appointment.

Emergency Dental Cases

Any time you are experiencing dental problems that cause severe pain, a high risk of infection, or permanent loss of one or even more teeth, you should undoubtedly visit an emergency dentist pronto. Some significant emergency dental issues are listed below.


Dental Pain

Severe Toothache

Suffering from a severe toothache is an emergency dental issue that heads the list. Severe pain is a sign that a serious problem has developed. If your toothache worsens over time or is accompanied by sensitivity to temperature or touch, you should have your dentist examine you. There may be a severe tooth abscess leading to missing teeth if ignored. Getting emergency dental care can help you manage further dental issues.  

In case you are dealing with severe pain in your jaw that is accompanied by swelling and persistent, there is probably a dental infection. Since the infection is easily spread to the surrounding jawbone, you should get dental treatment as soon as possible; otherwise, you may lose your teeth.


Tooth Fracture

As the name reflects, this is a break or crack in the hard shell of the tooth. There are two kinds of broken teeth. Small cracks and chips may be waiting for you to make an appointment during regular business hours. But if there are more severe dental injuries, they require immediate care. Keep in mind that, on time, broken tooth repair can guarantee that you will continue your life with your natural teeth.


Extracted Teeth

It is clear that you should seek immediate emergency dental treatment if you face a sudden tooth extraction. Immediate attention can help prevent permanent loss. Meanwhile, it is important to avoid touching the root and put the tooth back in the cavity. It is so helpful to put the tooth in a cup of saliva or milk until getting emergency dental help. Of course, it should be noted that if there is no way to save your extracted tooth, there are various tooth replacement options, such as a dental implant.

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