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Who Is A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

Professional Teeth Whitening

One of the key factors to being a confident person is to have an elegant smile. Once you can smile at others without being ashamed of your teeth, you feel more confident and happier in your life. Unfortunately, many people are insecure about their smiles because of discolored, crooked, missing, or fractured teeth they have. The good news is that many different cosmetic dental procedures are designed to address such issues to give you the flake, shiny smile you’ve always wanted. Our experienced dentists at Walk In Dental Clinic are one of the best professionals you can ever visit, as they can improve your smile appearance in the most effective way possible. A common, sought-after, and effective method of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Many people visit cosmetic dentists for professional teeth whitening as it’s an affordable and very effective treatment at the same time. No matter what the cause of your tooth discoloration is, professional teeth whitening can help you restore the beauty and shine of your smile. Keep reading to determine whether you can be a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Your teeth and gums are healthy.

It’s important to have your teeth and gums in perfectly good condition when you visit your dentist for a teeth whitening. Those experiencing dental abscesses or periodontal disease can’t be good candidates for teeth whitening treatment. If you try to whiten your teeth while your oral health isn’t in good condition, you may experience an immense amount of pain and further damage to affected areas. Furthermore, you can’t whiten your teeth if you suffer from gum recession which exposes the enamel. In such cases, your cosmetic dentist may refer you to an experienced endodontist or periodontist to address those problems.

You are not pregnant.

Typically, dental works aren’t recommended to pregnant woman to protect their health. While pregnant, many bodily changes happen, and the risk of bleeding gums, tooth erosion, and decay is too high. Moreover, some cosmetic dentists may use a small dose of sedation during teeth whitening, which isn’t good for pregnant women.

Your teeth aren’t sensitive.

If you are one of those patients with very sensitive teeth, it’s better to avoid testy whitening treatment. Otherwise, it can drive you a great deal of pain and discomfort in the following days. In more severe cases, you may experience serious dental emergencies and should visit a professional to preserve your oral health.

Your teeth are natural.

If your mouth is riddled with titanium implants, dental crowns, fillings, and other dental work, teeth whitening isn’t a good idea. The reason is professional teeth whitening treatment can’t affect those tooth restorations, and it’s just a waste of time and money. Furthermore, your dental crown or bridge may stick out after the professional teeth whitening treatment.

Professional teeth whitening can make your teeth a few shades lighter and improve the look of your smile. But it’s important to ensure you are fully qualified for this treatment to prevent possible consequences. You can visit our dentists for more information!

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