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Should You Visit an Oral Surgeon or an Endodontist?

The term oral surgery may seem scary to most people. Among all the different dental treatments available, oral surgery may be the lead popular among patients as it’s more complicated than other options. Still, oral surgery may be necessary in some cases, so you can’t avoid it.Furthermore, there is no need to be scared thanks to the great dentistry technologies that are highly improved these days.

Before the surgery, you should find the right specialist who is eligible and qualified to perform oral surgery. It’s so important to understand your needs and choose the right provider. You can ask our professionals at Walk In Dental Clinic for help, as they can give you significantly valuable suggestions. Two popular specialists who provide oral surgery services are oral surgeons and endodontists. The type of surgery you need is the most critical factor in making the correct decision. The performance and provided services of oral surgeons differ highly from an endodontist. Therefore, we highly recommend gaining more information and understanding, which can help you the best. Here is a helpful guide on what endodontists and oral surgeons do and how they are different from each other.

Who is an oral surgeon?

Oral surgeons are professionals who are highly trained and educated to perform surgery anywhere in the face and the mouth. Oral surgeons can provide a variety of oral surgeries, which is why most patients visit them when oral surgery is required. The surgeries done by oral surgeons are usually more complicated and extended. If you have lost a tooth or damaged jawbone, an oral surgeon can restore your beautiful smile to make you happy and satisfied.

Who is an endodontist?

Endodontist is a professional who is educated in the field of root canal treatments, pulp infection and related issues. The most common procedure done by an endodontist is root canal therapy. If your tooth pulp is severely infected, root canal treatment is required, and you should visit an endodontist. However, oral surgery may be necessary in more severe cases where the infection spreads.

What types of oral surgeries can an oral surgeon perform?

If you are a candidate for seriously complicated oral surgeries like tumor removal, cleft palate repair, etc., you should visit an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons use different anesthesia, such as nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation, to make the patient wholly numb and reduce the pain and discomfort. There are many other services an oral surgeon can offer, including tooth implant surgery, bone grafting, cancerous lesions removal, etc.

What types of oral surgeries can an endodontist provide?

Compared to oral surgeons, endodontists operate on a small level, providing simpler oral surgeries. Your emergency dentist may refer you to an endodontist when it comes to disease related to your tooth root and pulp. An apicoectomy is a popular endodontic surgery that endodontists provide. If you experience symptoms like a dental abscess, swollen gums, tooth bleeding and bad breath, you may be a good candidate for an apicoectomy.

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