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Are All Types of Oral Surgery Painful?

Any surgery performed on the teeth, gums, jaw, or structures around the mouth and face is called oral surgery. According to this definition, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting, dental implant surgeries, even complicated root canal therapies and surgeries related to the jaw can all be included in the branch of oral surgery. When it comes to surgeries, the patients get afraid and may even avoid going through their dental treatment. However, it is worth stating that not all oral surgeries are painful, especially when a professional, experienced dentist does it. At Walk In Dental Clinic, you can experience a pleasant, painless oral surgery with the least complications afterward. You can also continue reading to learn more about various kinds of oral surgeries and all the needed information in this regard. 

Who Performs This Dental Treatment?

Generally speaking, some oral surgeries can even be done by a professional emergency dentist, such as tooth extraction. But professional surgeries on the mouth, jaw, and face are performed by an oral surgeon. When it comes to dental implants, and bone grafting, dental implant specialists do it.  

How Long Does an Oral Surgery Take?

The time of the approach will depend on various factors, including the type of oral surgery, the number of teeth treated, and whether or not sedation is chosen. Extracting a tooth usually takes about 30 minutes, while approaches that require more intervention, such as jaw surgery, usually take at least two to three hours.

What Are the Risks or Complications?

As with any other surgery, you should always be aware of the risks or complications associated with oral surgery. These risks or complications include infection, adjacent teeth damage, and numbness. The risk of these complications can be minimized by following the post-operative instructions and taking all medications as prescribed. Contact your healthcare provider for further instructions if you experience any of these side effects. 

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Recovery time varies from person to person, but most people feel better about a week after most oral surgeries. The more extensive the oral surgery, the longer the recovery time. During this time, the healthcare provider will prescribe medications for comfort.

What to Do After the Surgery? 

Depending on the surgery you have had, different instructions will be suggested. The main point to consider after the surgery is that if you feel any emergency dental issues, you should not hesitate to contact your dentist as soon as possible. After any dental implant surgery, you should follow the instruction told by your dentist carefully to avoid failure. If the pain does not alleviate by taking painkillers, there is no way to visit your dentist. In order to increase healing, avoid hard and crunchy foods after all surgeries. Instead, you can go through soft foods such as yogurt, soup, pasta, fish, pudding, eggs, mashed potatoes, and rice. 

If you have a severe fever or continuous bleeding, and infection after the surgery, it is better to ask your dentist what to do. 

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