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New teeth whiting technology

The number of people in the desire for whiter and clean teeth has led to so many creations in recent day specialized oral care technologies, also many innovations from (OTC) over the counter products. Staining could appear in different forms, the treatment method and result can vary greatly, dependent on the nature or type of discoloration. When talking about whitening of the teeth, it is very important to recognize the numerous works of the pioneers who made tooth whiting possible as a tradition, other treatment to lighten discolored and whiten teeth that they will otherwise use crown or veneers to treat it.

New teeth whiting technology

Before, professional teeth whitening procedures took place in dental offices, generally, a concentrated solution of (HO2O2) hydrogen peroxide was used and they isolated the soft tissues around that area so as to prevent it from coming in interaction with the whitening substance. Though this has proven to be effective at the time, there were some setbacks like high cost, lengthy chair time and the peril of dental sensitivity which comes as a result of teeth whitening procedure in the office. In 1989 Heymann and Haywood addressed these drawbacks, they introduced the night guard which makes use 10% of carbamide peroxide content in a customary tray which is worn in the night before going to bed this does major bleaching. This technique provides the likelihood of whiter and better teeth considering the cheaper cost, likewise its minimal side effects. This is marked as a tooth whitening evolution, considering that the patient has the task of performing this technique at home. Walkin dental clinic has been using this technology as a leader of this field over past months.

The progress in whitening equipments and method of delivery came about as a result of the healthcare industry discovering they could meet the needs of its customer’s head-on by providing OTC products for whitening. In 2000 a piece of new technology was initiated that applied hydrogen on the teeth on the surface of a strong tape strip. Then, as at now, there is a set back with the OTC dental whitening product when this product is used without a professional to supervise could lead to a wrong analysis for the reason for tooth discoloration, this enables clinicians to indicate the right therapy, and follow up the efficiency, effectiveness and safe treatment measures.


Today, in dentistry to achieve effective physical cleaning you have to use abrasives from toothpaste or and found in the prophylaxis or dental instruments from a specialist. This help removes unnatural tooth stain molecules. In the past, there have been attempts to use better, abrasive and gentler ingredients in too cleaning fabrication. There are two basic reasons for this. Firstly, a finer abrasive can be used for two purposes that are for polishing and cleaning, this gives the impression whiter teeth. Secondly, lower brasivity reduces the chances of soft and hard tissue abrasion destruction caused by too much brushing.


There is just a small chance that teeth whitening has side effects, although sensitive make may take place for a while in some people. You can also have some small gum irritation. If a woman is pregnant it is good she avoids doing this since we do not know the side effect the whitening material has on a developing fetus. Since this process cosmetic, it should be performed only after the birth of the child.


patients and clinicians who are involved in professional whitening, as well as patients who want the OTC therapy, will stand to profit from future improvements in whitening technology.

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