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A case of dental emergency could be defined as any abrupt development around the mouth region pertaining to the teeth. Some may include, face swelling, abscesses, severe pain and visible loss of filling especially the front teeth. It is important to note that all have the dental origin. With regards to dental emergencies, it is imperative to seek treatment, as saving a tooth that is meant to be taken out very possible if gotten treatment at the right time. There are various dentists with diverse locations in Toronto. Emergency Dental Toronto usually open 7 days a week from 8:00 am till 12:00 pm provided you are willing and able to receive treatment, the dentist will attend to you.


Holiday, vacations, mid-night and exam periods are common inconvenient times that emergencies can occur. Hence, it is unacceptable to go through a full day with a missing tooth or severe pains meanwhile emergency dentist services are available. Toronto is a great and large city with many qualified dentists.

Some emergency services frequently offered are;

Urgent Dental examples

Prolonged dental bleeding which can’t stop. Any of such bleeding need stitches and dental attention as it cannot be controlled by continuous pressure. After tooth extractions, we are tempted to go against the dentist advice. Thus infection due to aspirin, drugs and alcoholic infections. Signs like swelling of tongue or lip. This can get worse if ignored. It could block the air.

Dental bleeding that will not stop – Any bleeding that cannot be controlled by firm continuous pressure from a pack for 10 minutes may need stitches. Tooth damage due to accidents. This can affect speech, swelling in the mouth, pain and limited mobility.

Importance of Dental Emergency

To prevent and help a Gum Disease gum disease (periodontal disease is a bacterial infection and caused by a plague. Staying for long with these problems, I could harden and become tartar which can be hard to remove. The bacteria produce toxins which later on lead to gingivitis and inflammation. If not taken care of, the inflammation continues to advanced stages which will be harmful.

Further development of gum disease will make the pockets grow deeper and deeper even to the stage of tooth root. This will therefore lead to lose teeth and eventual fall out. With gum disease being the leading cause of adult tooth loss, regular examination and cleaning need to be done and implemented as a routine.

Many of us have wondered why breath at times is unpleasant to the nostrils. Halitosis (bad breathe), is as a result of periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, food leftovers between teeth, coating of tongue surface, oral carcinomas or unclean dentures. Maintaining good oral hygiene is very imperative else we fall prey to such infections and bare the resulting consequences. The best and easiest way is constant cleaning. In case of any manifestations, contact emergency dentist services.

Having a healthy smile, maintaining the colour of our teeth gives beauty to our smiles. Habits such as coffee drinking, using tobacco and many beverages can stain the teeth. Cleaning your teeth by a hygienist or dentist can however, remove such external stains. Cleaning by a dentist with also take care of tartar and plaque while cleaning. Dentist also do teeth polishing to shine beautifully, there is also some medication of which when used, they can discolour the teeth.


  • Without insurance coverage, dental services are inaccessible
  • Insurance services are not available to low-income earners
  • Patients in great need generally get the least care
  • Vast segregation of general health from oral health
  • Government not including dental care in health programs
  • Some insurance services offered have inadequate plans
  • Persons with special needs have problems accessing oral care
  • The less privileged and poor often feel unwelcomed at dental care offices

Judging from the above, and taking into consideration both the advantages and drawbacks of dental care, I will recommend we all indulge in measures to reduce risk of dental problems. Walkin Dental Clinic in North York, Toronto provides professional dental emergency service all days a week, and they have proven to be the best at this area. However, in case of abrupt situations, we should make use of the emergency dental health care services offered. Dental care is imperative to us all.

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