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Lost Dental Filling: An Emergency Case

Lost Dental Filling: An Emergency Case To fill the tooth cavities and prevent further decay, the emergency dentist fills it with special materials. Therefore, filling dental caries is an essential way to keep your teeth healthy. But sometimes this filling is lost by eating some food. In some cases, you may not notice it and swallow it. A lost filling should not be ignored, and it should be repaired in the emergency dental office as soon as possible.

What to Do If Your Dental Filling Is Lost?

If you understand that your dental filling is lost, you should take it out of your mouth to prevent swallowing it. But if you swallow it, don’t worry! The filling will usually pass through your digestive tract and be excreted from the body without causing any problems. Of course, you should know it may enter your lungs and cause a lung infection. 

– Keep It Clean

If you cannot visit the emergency dentist the same day after the tooth filling has lost, you should keep the area clean before your dentist appointment. Therefore, after each meal, you should brush your teeth and floss carefully to remove the food particles and prevent the accumulation of the bacteria.


– Visit the Emergency Dentist

When the tooth filling is lost, you should visit the emergency dentist to have your tooth filled again. You should know it is necessary to refer to the emergency dental clinic as soon as possible because the tooth’s nerves will be exposed and can cause tooth sensitivity.

If you are suffering from pain, you can take a painkiller such as ibuprofen or Gelofen until you get to the emergency dental office.


Temporary Treatment for Lost Dental Filling

When the dental filling is lost, the tissue and nerves inside the tooth are in contact with air and food and cause pain. You can use several home remedies to reduce pain temporarily until you visit the emergency dentist. These home remedies create a temporary coating on the tooth.

1- Rinse your mouth with warm water gently. Do not use cold or hot water. Also, do not use mouthwash, as it can cause severe pain.

2- Place dental cement on a clean cotton swab and gently place it in the tooth cavity. It protects the tooth tissue and reduces pain. Then visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible to have your tooth repaired.

3- With a cotton swab, apply a little clove oil on your empty tooth to reduce the pain and sensitivity. You can use this method if you do not have dental cement or if you have a lot of pain even after placing the cement on your teeth.



1- If your dental filling is lost, do not eat hard and sticky foods such as candy, because they irritate the tooth nerve and cause severe pain.

2 – For temporary home remedies, use only dental cement, and avoid using any other type of cement.

3- Do not try to put the fallen material in its place again.


If your dental filling is lost, try to contact Walk-In Dental Clinic as soon as possible. It is an emergency case that requires immediate dental treatment. We will offer you an urgent appointment as soon as possible.


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