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How Do Healthy Teeth Help You Have a Healthy Body?

All parts of your body are somehow connected to each other, and your oral health is no exception. Tooth loss and bleeding gums are not the only results of your poor oral health. It may be surprising that your overall health is affected when there is something wrong with your teeth. As an instance, you may have heard that oral health problems can eventually impact heart health to some extent. Consequently, here at Walk-in Dental Clinic in North York, we not only try our best to dedicate a healthy and beautiful smile to you, but we also strive to keep your body healthy for a lifetime. Let’s see together what will happen to your heart if you don’t care sufficiently about your oral health.

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The Connections between Your Heart and Oral Health

Do you have enough information about gum disease? Gum disease is actually associated with a bacterial infection in the gum that can enter your bloodstream and continue traveling until it reaches your heart. Bactria in the arteries is a warning sign to your body’s immune system, and then your body tries to fight the bacteria in the damaged parts. When your immune system is involved in a fight with infection, arteries get inflamed as a result. The inflammation will definitely cause cholesterol to accumulate quickly inside the arteries, increasing heart attack or stroke risk. Indeed, considering regular checkups can help you prevent many health problems and the need for emergency dental care.

Gum Disease Symptoms

Being aware of warning signs of oral health problems can help you get the right dental treatment at the right time. Like every other oral health issue, gum disease is easier to treat when the dentists diagnose it at the early stages. Although dental techniques have made significant progress by offering services such as dental implants, you should always think about prevention prior to treatment. Here we mention gum disease symptoms for you:
● Swollen and red gums associated with pain
● Bleeding gums when flossing or brushing
● Bad breath
● Gum receding

If you live in North York and have recently noticed these signs in your gum, contact Walk-in Dental Clinic with no hesitation as we can provide you with the best dental services most professionally.

How to Maintain a Good Oral and Overall Health?

Undoubtedly, appropriate oral hygiene is the first and most important factor in preventing oral health problems. Only some simple steps will keep you away from dental emergencies and even dental treatments such as teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are two easy yet beneficial ways to bring a healthy body forth for you. You should remove plaque and food particles off your teeth by brushing and flossing to efficiently prevent dental problems such as tooth decay and the need for root canal therapy.

Do not forget that professional dentists in Walk-in Dental Clinic are always committed to offering the best dental services in North York at the most affordable rate.

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