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What Kinds of Dental Emergencies Can Occur While Having Braces?

These days, having a set of straight, flawless teeth isn’t an impossible dream. Crooked, misaligned and gapped teeth can make your smile unattractive, which is why many people tend to hide their teeth when they smile. It can lower your self-confidence, and you don’t find yourself able to communicate and socialize with others the way you desire. Fortunately, orthodontic dentistry provides impressive services to straighten misaligned teeth and give you an amazing smile. Here at Walk In Dental Clinic, our professionals are ready to improve the look of your smile in the best way possible, making you feel confident once again. Braces are the most common and recommended orthodontic treatment to make your smile more charming. However, there are often roadblocks along the way of straightening your teeth with braces. Many patients face dental emergencies during their time with braces that can lead to serious complications. It’s so important to know when to visit your experienced orthodontist and how severe your condition is. You don’t want to deal with other problems besides your crooked and misaligned teeth. Therefore, it’s helpful to read this article to learn about orthodontic emergencies and how to prevent them. 

What are common dental emergencies? 

In the first place, you should understand what dental emergencies are. There are countless patients visiting emergency dentists each year to restore their healthy smiles. Emergency dentists can manage the situation and use effective sedative medications to relieve pain. Unfortunately, some go to the emergency room instead of visiting an emergency dentist because they lack information. It shows how much learning about dental emergencies is vital for maintaining a beautiful smile. Here are some common dental emergencies among patients:

  • Severe tooth pain 
  • A cracked tooth or severely broken one  
  • A knocked-out tooth 
  • Injured soft tissues inside your mouth 

If any of those dental emergencies happen to you, don’t waste time and visit an emergency dentist right away. Most dental emergency treatments are easy to perform. In more severe cases, your emergency dentist may need to perform dental surgery or other complicated procedures. 

What are orthodontics emergencies? 

It’s essential to understand the differences between dental and orthodontic emergencies. Regular dental emergencies can be solved by an emergency dentist; otherwise, you will be referred to an orthodontist. For instance, your emergency dentist is the best option when you need root canal therapy, even if you have braces. On the other hand, your orthodontist should manage problems related to the archwire or bracket of your braces. 

What are common orthodontic emergencies? 

  • Pokey wires:Sometimes, you may find your wires loose, which can be perfectly fixed by your orthodontist. 
  • Injured lip or cheek:It’s normal to find your cheek and lip injured a few weeks after getting braces. You can use orthodontic wax to relieve the sore and make the situation tolerable. If the irritation persists, it’s better to visit your orthodontist before the injuries lead to dental abscesses and other serious problems. 

There are other orthodontic emergencies you can ask your orthodontist to know how to prevent them in the most effective way!


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