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What Happens If You Avoid Needed Root Canal Therapy?

Among all different dental treatments, root canal therapy is an option patients tend to avoid as much as possible. Compared to other dental procedures, root canal treatment is a bit more complicated and takes more time to completely recover. Unfortunately, many people tend to avoid root canal treatment based on unreliable myths that make them significantly scared when it comes to root canal therapy. But the fact is this procedure can be considerably beneficial in some cases and save your highly damaged tooth. Otherwise, you may have no other choice but to extract your natural tooth and replace it with other tooth restorations that costs you a lot of money, time, and energy. Our experienced dentists at Walk In Dental Clinic are ready to examine your oral condition to help you realize your needs and the most suitable method to restore your shiny smile. The wise decision is to save your natural tooth if it’s possible and don’t extract it if you have other available options. It’s better to follow the suggestions of your reliable dentist as they know which way can give you the most satisfying results at the end of the treatment. Here we explain what you should be ready for if you decide not to get root canal treatment when needed.

What is root canal therapy?

Typically, root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures to address dental emergencies like tooth infections. Once the pulp inside your tooth gets infected, it can weaken your tooth and make it significantly vulnerable to minor damage. Dental trauma, a chipped tooth, or an untreated dental cavity are the most prevalent causes of an infected pulp needing root canal treatment. During the treatment, your emergency dentist removes the infected pulp and seals the intended tooth with a cosmetic crown to prevent further problems.

Is root canal treatment better than extracting your tooth?

The most crucial goal of your emergency dentist is to save your natural tooth with any possible way to avoid tooth removal. Unfortunately, many patients ask us for tooth extraction as an alternative to root canal treatment; that is the worst choice you can ever make. If you avoid the urge to undergo root canal therapy and leave your tooth untreated, your tooth will be lost from decay and infection. In such cases, you need dental surgery to insert a tooth implant as a replacement which can be so expensive and time-consuming.

What happens if the infected tooth is left untreated?

In such cases, bacterial infection is highly probable and can put you in huge danger. An untreated dental infection can lead to dental abscess with dangerous complications like a stroke, heart attack, or life-threatening sepsis.

What is sedation dentistry?

Once you visit an endodontist or emergency dentist for a root canal, they explain how they will use sedative medications during the treatment to minimize the pain and discomfort. There are many benefits of sedation dentistry to allow you to be relaxed and comfortable through the entire procedure.

If you are a candidate for root canal therapy, don’t waste time and make an appointment now.

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