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What Are Dental Implants?

Are you suffering from toothless? If you look for a permanent solution for your toothless problem, dental implants will be the best choice for you. Dental implants are pieces similar to natural teeth that are applied to your jawbone by the emergency dentist and considered as a permanent solution for toothless problems. High precision devices manufacture these components in isolated environments in our dental clinic. They are made according to the size of the roots of your missed tooth.

The main ingredient of dental implants is titanium, an excellent quality metal that has a biological adaptation to your body. It does not cause any allergic reaction to the body. Titanium creates a protective layer against corrosion on its surface. Its non-magnetic properties, resistance to oxygen, and acid-salt compounds are among the advantages that cause implants to be the best option for toothless. Due to the properties mentioned for the dental implants, when placed in the jawbone, they are not considered as external objects and are compatible with your jaw. The dental implants also prevent gum receding and help the jawbone to grow.

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The Difference between Dental Implants and Dentures

When you have lost your tooth, you may face lots of problems, such as chewing food hardly. It affects your facial beauty and your smile. Dental implants are more useful than dentures because they are inserted into your jawbone and considered as a permanent treatment. In cosmetic dentistry, dental implants are the best solutions for your missed teeth. The dental implant is a screw that is inserted into your jawbone and is made of titanium. It acts as a base for a new tooth and allows the prosthetic crown to be attached to the natural tooth.

Dentures may be more economical, but it can cause many problems over time, such as not enjoying the food or getting out of your mouth when talking. It takes a month for you to get used to dentures, this means that you need more than a month of training to eat and talk properly. Oral hygiene is essential if you have dentures. If you have unusual pain or sensitivity, refer to an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

However, dental implants are much more useful than artificial teeth or dentures and are the best alternative for the missed teeth. If you have one or more missed teeth, we will provide you the high-quality implants at dental clinic Toronto that serve you for a lifetime.

The Dental Implants are the Best Alternative for:
– People who cannot eat easily with dentures.
– People who have had their teeth damaged or lost by accident and do not want to use dentures.
– People who need a dental bridge (fixed prosthesis) but they do not wish their healthy and natural teeth to be damaged or shaved.
– People who are interested in having new teeth similar to their natural teeth.

Unlike the bridges or dentures which last five to ten years, dental implants are permanent and will last for a lifetime. The money that you pay for having dental implants is a kind of investment for your future.
Dental implants for the people who just consider having brighter teeth are not good choice. They can use teeth whitening treatment for improving their smile.

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