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Missing Teeth

Losing one or more of your permanent teeth isn’t the same as missing milk teeth. It’s interesting to know how losing teeth impacts your life differently when you are a child compared to your adulthood. If you miss one or more teeth as an adult, it’s considered a stressful situation that should be managed by professionals. Here at Walk In Dental Clinic, our experienced team of dentists can provide you with amazing solutions if you have lost one or more of your natural teeth. They can preserve your oral health and restore your beautiful smile. It’s vital to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible before facing its awful complications. Many don’t know how not replacing their missing teeth can affect their oral and general wellness, leading to awful consequences. The good news is there are many different tooth replacement selections for patients with missing teeth that you can choose in order to prevent further dental emergencies and protect your oral health. Today’s blog discusses the consequences of not replacing your missing teeth. Continue to read if you want to understand how you can preserve your pearly and shiny teeth.

Teeth misalignment

If you postpone replacing your missing teeth, you should expect orthodontic issues such as misaligned and crooked teeth. A missing tooth causes a gap between the adjacent teeth. Then, the adjacent teeth can shift and have their positions changed over time, which can cause teeth misalignment.

Lower self-confidence

Missing one or more teeth affects the way you feel about yourself. Studies have proven that the more flawless your smile is, the more confident you feel and act. It’s not pleasant to smile when you have large gaps between your front teeth. Fortunately, you can choose titanium implants or dentures as replacements for missing teeth. In this way, you would be able to smile comfortably without feeling ashamed about your appearance.

High risk of gum disease

A missing tooth can lead to serious levels of periodontal disease and dental abscess if you don’t replace it at the right time. As a result, you may find your other teeth severely infected because they are exposed to bacteria accumulation. In such cases, it’s better to visit our experienced Toronto endodontist to save your nearby infected teeth. Our endodontist provides you with proper dental care services and may refer you to a reliable periodontist if needed.

Chewing and speech issues

Missing one or more teeth can influence the way you pronounce the words. It can lower your self-confidence and impact your relationships with others.

Jawbone loss

It’s necessary to replace your missing teeth if you don’t want to lose your jawbone density. It’s a very common problem in people with missing teeth that can be treated through dental surgery in order to increase the volume of your damaged jawbone. A damaged jawbone can also affect your face structure and make you look older than your real age. You don’t need to fear bone grafting surgery since your oral surgeon uses the proper dose of dental sedation to make you completely numb.

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