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Factors that can ruin your smile teeth

Your smile is one of the most attractive physically features. You deserve a more beautiful smile with bright and white teeth. In this article, we are going to introduce you some factors that can affect your teeth.

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can damage your teeth, cause jaw pain or even leads to facial deformity. If you have this unpleasant habit, you can easily hit your mouths and teeth. Stress can cause tooth grinding at night. Finding a way to reduce stress and anger can be very helpful. But also you should consult your emergency dentist.

Hot drinks

Teeth can be darkened for many reasons. The habit of drinking hot tea or coffee can be a cause of darkening teeth. Black tea and coffee contain tannins that can darken enamel by adhering to holes and grooves. However, it should be considered that tannins are sticky and they can protect your teeth against the bacteria which can cause tooth decay. So, you should try to balance the consumption of these drinks, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and also add some milk to your coffee and tea to neutralize acids. If your teeth are darkened by drinking black tea and coffee, Teeth whitening can be provided for you at our Walk-in Dental Clinic.



The growth hormones can cause gum swelling in those who are allergic to plaque. Infection of the gums and mouth sores are other cases that may occur during this period. Of course, they only occur when the person’s oral health care is poor. Toothbrushes and floss should be used daily, as well as visits emergency dentist regularly in order to avoid problems during this period.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be considered as a threat to your teeth. The saliva neutralizes the acid produced by the bacteria and can protect your tooth from cavity, decay and many other health problems. Try to drink plenty of water, and use fluoride-containing toothpaste or mouth-wash. Visit emergency dental care clinic if you feel your saliva is not working properly.

dry mouth


Any types of restricted diets and bad eating habits can deprive you of the vitamins you need for healthy teeth. It is also important to get enough folate, vitamin B, protein, calcium and vitamin C as they are essential for having healthy teeth and gum. Poor nutrition can weaken the immune system of your body, increase susceptibility to infections, and endanger your oral health.


Sugar does not directly cause tooth problems, but the acid produced when eating sugar and carbohydrates can do so. Natural bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar can produce an acid that attacks enamel. This acid can cause tooth decay or other problems. The worst thing you can do is leaving the sugar remaining on your gums and teeth for a long time. Before going to bed, even if you ate a small piece of sweets, try to brush and floss. If you can’t brush after eating a sweet snack, eat cheese or yogurt, or chew sugar-free gum to boost salivary flow and neutralize acids.


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