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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

A branch of dentistry that is focused on enhancing the appearance of your smile through various procedures.

What are its goals?

To fix shape, color, and asymmetry, align & level teeth, close the gap, etc.

What procedures do we offer?

Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers (Composite & Porcelain), Composite Bonding, Crown & Bridge, etc.

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Your Concerns, Our Answers Free Consultation Session!​

Backed by years of experience, we guide you through the cosmetic dental journey, addressing your questions, needs, and concerns in a Free Consultation session to create a Tailored Treatment Plan.

1. Listening to Your Concerns

Your voice is central at our clinic; we begin your smile transformation journey by listening to your needs and concerns.

2. Reviewing Success Stories

Then we will review some success stories from patients with similar concerns as you, allowing you to witness transformative results firsthand.

3. Finalizing Your Treatment Plan

Finally, we discuss treatment options and costs for an informed and transparent aesthetics treatment.

Smile Stories, Customer Reviews

Romelle Maluto
Romelle Maluto
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Thank you so much Pearl Dental Group for the great smile I'm wearing right now. The nicest staff and dentist. I really like my veneers and it gave me so much confidence. 🙂 The dentist really listens to my dental concerns and makes sure I am happy with the result. I highly recommend!
Aranda C
Aranda C
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Visited this fantastic team this evening. They are equipped and ready to safely see patients (e.g. face shields, gloves). Space is immaculate. Receptionist/admin was warm and welcoming. Dr. Aminsalehi is very skilled and efficient, and detail-oriented. You’re in good hands!
Elnaz Kazemi
Elnaz Kazemi
Read More
Awesome place Great staff, very professional and accommodating,I can't believe the different in two appointment!!! Dr.Amin Salehi is the most patient dentist professional and update.He did amazing job on my teeth,I'm super happy to choose Dr.Amin Salehi.

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Smile Transformations

We proudly display a thoughtfully curated collection of radiant smiles, carefully selected from a wealth of success stories. Each one serves as a heartfelt reminder of the joy we've had the privilege to bring to our patients.

This nice lady had a gap between her upper central teeth and did not like the yellowish color of her teeth. By placing 10 Porcelain veneers, we closed the gap and her teeth got whiter and brighter.
This gentleman presented with discoloured front tooth with a big gap and wanted to make all front teeth whiter and levelled. We decided to please 9 composite veneers and 1 crown for him.
This beautiful lady wanted to make her teeth longer, whiter and brighter. We decided to go for a combination of veneers and crowns for her.
This nice lady expressed dissatisfaction with her old composite fillings due to their dark color, chipped edges, and aged appearance on her front teeth. We decided to place 10 all-ceramic crowns.
This beautiful young lady presented with discoloured old composite fillings on her front teeth with yellow color and uneven edges that she did not like. 10 ceramic veneers were placed for her, without any preparation on her teeth.
Walk-in Dental
This lady did not like the gap and wanted to fix the broken edges of her two front teeth. All done in one session using composite bonding on her two front teeth.
This lady wanted to replace her old crowns on two central teeth, and make other teeth more even and whiter. 2 all-ceramic crowns and 8 ceramic veneers were placed for her.
Top-Quality Dental Veneers in North York
This nice lady presented with discolouration on 4 front teeth with uneven edges, after finishing her invisalign treatment. We decided to place 4 composite veneers for her.
This lady presented to the office with crooked and yellow front teeth that she did not like. By placing 6 composite veneers we made teeth more upright, whiter and brighter.

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